The World of SEO is Evolving and So Should You

There are a lot of technicalities when it comes to topics such as SEO, digital marketing, and the like. However, we’re not here to burden you with these technicalities.

Instead, we’re here to help you identify potential growth with the changes in SEO. And yes, we can all agree that SEO is really not dead. Some tactics have faded and changed, but SEO remains an excellent tool for digital marketers and businesses.

Going back to our topic, finding new opportunities in the world of SEO means identifying new and rising trends in the field. We’ve searched for some opportunities and patterns that you can maximize, especially with the help of a dedicated digital marketing team.


Do Not Overlook User Experience

It’s not a secret that, most of the time, our focus is on SEO, content creation, and digital marketing. And we only think of user experience next to these areas.

However, studies have shown that user experience is still the primary reason why people visit or leave your website. Yes, that’s a fact, even if you have the best content among the rest.

Mobile users reported that slow to load sites, error pages, and frozen pages are some of the things they’ve encountered. This could lead to closing or leaving the mobile page. More importantly, a delay on page responses for 1 second had reportedly reduced audience conversions.

So, how can you remedy this? Websites, especially e-commerce sites, must and always put user-experience as your top priority. Always remember to test, test, and test again before launching products, pages, or your entire website.




Maximize Opportunities on Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Currently, focusing mainly on your website isn’t the most efficient tool. Ranking as number one on the results is not the only thing you should focus. Give time on SERP features, too, and these are some steps you can do.

Enhance your feature snippets, especially now that Google had increased meta descriptions to 300 characters. Make sure to target searches on your Meta, too. Optimize the headings questions on your content. This will help you get featured in the “People Also Ask” results in Google.



Voice Search is Here to Stay
Voice queries have increased since the rise of voice-activated smart speakers and smartphones. People are becoming addicted to voice search because of the ease compared to typing. Therefore, optimize and align your SEO strategies with voice search. Remember that it’s here to stay, so might as well become a leader in your industry.






Mobile will Rise
Google had adapted to this, and so should you. Currently, 60% of the search volumes come from mobile devices and that’s why Google had rolled out a mobile index.

The index focuses on ranking pages based on the mobile ease of use of the pages. So, we highly recommend having a responsive website.

Therefore, we highly recommend that your SEO, both on-page and technical, must also be mobile-friendly. You should also consider your design, navigation, and even information acoustic.



Keyword Intent Optimization

Are you selling products, offering local services, or an up and coming restaurant in the city? If yes, then use keywords with your business intent.

Remember that Google is currently enhancing their search results with AI. This means that SERP doesn’t just show the keyword included in the search. SERPs also factors in user location, search context, historical search and information, and even service intention of the user.

Therefore, we highly recommend using keywords which targets your website intent, whether your selling or sharing information.

So, with all these changes in the SEO climate, you should adopt. It’s not easy, and we know that, so partner with the best and most dynamic team to get your brand out there!

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