How to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business

Facebook has been rolling out new aspects of the platform. Though Facebook Live has been launched in 2015, there are still a lot of marketers who still miss out opportunities from Facebook live. Every marketer and entrepreneur should not miss using Facebook Live. According to statistics, live videos attract more interaction from the audience compared to regular uploaded videos.

So, how can you attract more audience? Here are some tips we’ve come researched and tried to help you with your business.


Grab the Audience Attention with Facebook Live.


Setup Your “Studio”

Actually, this doesn’t have to be a four-walled room indoors. Just make sure that you’re broadcasting from a location that has the following:

Light – remember that proper lighting is important to make sure that you don’t look creepy on your video. A natural light from your door or window or from outdoors is one of the best choices.

Camera – make sure that your phone’s camera or webcam is stable and high-quality, too.

Stable Internet – a working and stable Internet is also important in live videos. You have to get online and reply to questions from audience immediately.




Sell Your Event

Make sure that you sell your live broadcast before you do it. Just like any event, it’s essential that your audience know that there’s something happening before it happens.

What you need to do is to share an overview of the event. You can start by sharing a post about it, send emails to your mailing list, or share about it on your other socials. In order for this to become effective, you should build anticipation for your audience.

One of the best thing that can help you with building anticipation is to give them share some details on your guest. You can also do a raffle at the end of your Facebook Live. Whatever you can think of that can make your audience wait and watch for your event, go for it.




Be Consistent

Build a steady and robust viewership by scheduling your Facebook Live. Just like any aspect of social media, consistency is vital in building an active audience.

So, create a weekly or daily habit for your audience. Include them in your daily routine, business activities, or share production process. Consistency is key to create genuine relationships with your audience, so don’t forget to establish that.

However, consistency doesn’t only mean every day. You also have to use statistics when scheduling and you can start by answering the following questions:

  • What time does my target audience have the time to watch a Facebook Live?
  • What day are there more interactions on my page or profile?
  • What upcoming event should I incorporate my Facebook Live with?




Invite People

This sounds too broad, I know. What I mean here is you can invite a guest or two to your Facebook Live. You may invite the following:

  • Thought-Leaders – interview people from your business or industry. Make sure that your questions will ignite an interesting input from them. You can do this by letting your audience send in their questions and incorporating these questions to your interview. Of course, make sure that your interviewee can follow.
  • Supplier – invite a supplier on your next Facebook Live broadcast. Let them share information about your products and some tips and trick, too. Remember that expert advice is what consumers want. For example, travellers want to hear tips from rental property owners or even hotel managers for their next destination.
  • Influencers – do you want your product or service to increase customer leads? If yes, then invite influencers in your industry and make sure they have a strong following. Don’t just consider their followers. Make sure that these followers will listen to your chosen influencer.


Don’t Just Sell; Be Truthful

Having an influencer talk about your product or service is ineffective. Always make sure that you have to be truthful. So, how to do this? Here’s an example, during a Facebook Live, Marcela Valladolid prepared a special dish. Valladolid then talked about the recipe which was found in her newly published cookbook.

Majority of the response of the audience was positive. So, imagine if Valladolid just went life and talked about her new book, would she get the same response?

So, make sure, to be honest with your audience. Make sure that your Facebook Live provides value to your audience that could eventually lead them to want to buy your product or service.

Aside from these tips, it’s also important when to do a Facebook Live video. Here are some common scenarios where a Facebook Live can draw attention.


Major Events

Are you attending a conference, product launch, exhibit or other activities in your industry? If yes, then go live. These instances are one of the best times to get discovered and be part of the trend in your industry.

Bring your viewers with you with just your smartphone and Internet. Give them first-hand insights and details about the event. Making your audience feel that you value them by bringing these information closer to them also adds value to your brand.


Training Videos

Let your customer enjoy your product immediately by sharing live training videos on your products. You can ask your in-house expert to demonstrate how the product is used or to guide your audience on its features. Make sure that the resource speaker presents these details in a clear manner.

During the live video, don’t forget to invite the audience to ask their questions about the product. Answer as many questions as possible to make sure that your live video was valuable to your audience.


BTS of Your Brand

Take your audience behind the scene of your brand. For example, are doing a product shoot? Then go live and let your audience get a feel for your studio. You can also give them a tour of your production area or your latest store. Show them the human side of your brand. Interview your coworkers and employees along the way and let them share what they do for the brand or company.
Facebook Live is a goldmine when it comes to reaching your audience. As long as you create and share genuine, relatable, and honest content, you’ll definitely be able to maximize this free tool.

So, what are you waiting for? Add Facebook Live in your marketing tools now!


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