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There are a lot of platforms that you can use in order for your content to be seen and heard. Currently, there are 2.46 billion social network users. That’s how big social media audience is, and that’s why you should utilize these platforms to your advantage.

Moreover, as we continue to explore the realms of digital marketing, we also continue to test different strategies to promote our content. Many would agree that content marketing gives individuals and firms, like you and me, high return on investments.

In fact, it generates three times more leads compared to other marketing strategies – this is 62 percent less cost. It generates more leads because of the fact that 18-49 years old acquire information online. And the majority of these individuals use Facebook more.

To sum it up, you have access to 2.46 billion social network users. These users, aged from 18-49 years old, use Facebook as their primary social media platform. So, that leads us to conclude that Facebook strategies should be on top of your digital marketing tactics.


How to Use Facebook to Promote My Business?

  • Participate in Facebook

No man is an island, that’s a fact for both in real life and online. We highly recommend that you directly communicate to your market. Remember that Facebook is a powerful tool to communicate with your audience directly, so make use of that innovation

You can also participate on Facebook Groups to get access to hundreds or maybe thousands of potential clients. Join groups with interest in your product or service. Be a relevant and reliable source of information to them.

  • Audience Segmentation

Facebook Audience Insight allows you to segment your audience base on their social media behavior. This enables you to know who your target audiences. Once you know your audience or target market, you can then sift through who among them can be potential clients.

Narrowing your market will help you focus your effort on your business audience. Meaning, the audience that most likely to be converted as lead or even your client.


How Does Facebook Targeted Sharing Work?

Targeted sharing on Facebook allows you to narrow your target audience and focus on the people that matter to your business. By advertising your content on Facebook, you can:


  • Reach your prospect and current clients – the platform allows you to customize your reach and create a demographics that fits your business.
  • Exclusions – the platform maximizes your ad or content by making sure that it only shows to a specific demographic.
  • Convert your visits to sales – link your content to your website to ensure that when an audience clicks your ad, he/she is redirected to your site to complete a specific transaction.





How Effective are Videos on Facebook?

People are visual creatures. We prefer watching videos rather than reading content, even passively. With this in mind, Facebook encourages businesses to advertise with videos.

Make sure to work with an expert digital marketing agency when it comes to creating videos. This is critical because your video should standout. It should attention-grabbing as well as show what your business is.

Also, make sure that your videos have subtitles. It has been reported that 80% of those of who watch videos on social media mute the videos. So, reach your audience by adding subtitles or adding text that explains your video.


Connect on Facebook

Facebook allows you to connect with different groups and individuals. Therefore, make use of this free connectivity to get your brand out there. Here are some of the things you can do to reach a wider audience:

Share what others say about your brand

Listen to what people say about you and share it. Sharing fan-created content allows you to reach more people within your target market. You’ll also be able to reach your fan’s network, too!

  • Tap top influencers in your industry

Partner with the top influencers in your industry. Make sure to work with a reliable and trusted influencer whose audience is your target, too.

Unafraid to partner with the right names? Talk to an expert marketer, and they’ll help you decide who’s the best in your industry.

  • Connect with your community

Create links in a content community and build authentic relationships. We highly recommend that you share your best content within this communities. And don’t just sell your product or service.

Inform, entertain, and educate your audience. Be a reliable source of industry information, and they will eventually share your content on their own, for free!

  • Build links with Facebook influencers

If traditional marketing puts high value in link building, it doesn’t change in digital marketing. It is essential to strategically look for websites where you can link your audiences back to your website or Facebook page.

Again, you can do this by partnering with top influencers in your industry. You can also ask an expert marketer to help you build or create content and ads that directly links to your website.


Personalize Your Messenger

The internet can be very impersonal sometimes. That’s why it has been proven that personalized messages are still the one to beat in content promotion strategy. Remember, other than receiving updates about your latest offering, it is also heartwarming to receive an email with your name on it.
Personalized messages from businesses gain more positive responses (63%). People who also receive personalized messages also trust the company more (55%). So, the next time you let a bot reply for inquiries, think of the possibilities one message can make for your business.


Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for any business. Yes, regardless how small you think your business is, you can use Facebook to promote your content, business, brand, products, and services.

The key is finding the right tactics and the right team to do it. Don’t hesitate to ask if your unsure of your strategies or, if you’re already using one and haven’t gotten any results, then we’re here to polish it for you.


Maximize Facebook’s potential now. Grow your business with Facebook now!

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