Here are 7 Tips to Have Your Content Discovered

As we continue to explore the realms of digital marketing, we continue to test different strategies that can help boost content. Many would agree that content marketing gives firms, like you and me, high return on investments.

In fact, it generates three times more leads compared to other marketing strategies – this in 62 percent less cost. One cause is that 18-49 years old acquire information online which results in a more significant ad audience, too.

Content marketing has a lot of positive results. What it has is proven to have reader’s attention, improve brand loyalty, generate more leads and increase sales business sales.

However, there is a missing link in this kind of marketing strategy – that is a content promotion. You cannot maximize marketing your content if it doesn’t get the right to people. So, to reach the full potential of your marketing investments, make sure to balance content marketing with the content promotion.

Here are seven ways that can help you promote your content:


 Social Media Promotion

Facebook Audience Insight allows you to segment your audience base on their social media behavior. This enables you to know who your target audiences. You can then sift through who among them can be potential clients. Narrowing your market will help you focus your effort on your business audience. Meaning, the audience that most likely to be converted as your client.


Targeted Sharing

Targeted Sharing broadens your audience scope. Facebook used to be the marketing giant for this kind of marketing promotion. But now, Twitter and Instagram also run targeted sharing. There are a lot of targeted sharing tools. However, one of the most straightforward tool you can start is to tag people in your post and hope they will share it with their audience.


Use Videos

People are visual creatures. We prefer watching videos rather than reading content, even passively. The question now is how you can maximize your videos? The first thing on our list is to make sure that your videos have subtitles. It has been reported that 80% of those of who watch videos on social media mute the videos. So, reach your audience with texts and visuals.


                                                                                                                  Tap Top Influencers

Partner with the top influencers in your industry. Make sure to work with a reliable and trusted influencer whose audience is your target, too. Unafraid to partner with the right names? Talk to an expert marketer, and they’ll help you decide who’s the best in your industry.


                                                                                                                    Content Community

Create links in a content community and build authentic relationships. We highly recommend that you share your best content within this communities and don’t just sell your product or service. Inform, entertain, and educate your audience. Be a reliable source of industry information, and they’ll eventually share your content on their own, for free!


                                                                                                                            Build Links


If traditional marketing puts high value in link building, it doesn’t change in digital marketing. It is essential to strategically look for websites where you can link your audiences back to your webpage.

Again, you can do this by partnering with top influencers in your industry. You can also ask an expert marketer to help you build links to your website.



                                                                                                              Personalize Email Marketing

The internet can be very impersonal sometimes. So, always add a personal touch, even with your emails. Also, make sure that it’s mobile friendly as 40% of Internet users check their emails through their smartphones.

It has been proven that personalized email marketing is still the one to beat in content promotion strategy. Remember, other than receiving updates about your latest offering, it is also heartwarming to receive an email with your name on it.

Content marketing without promotion can be a lost cause. Maximize your investment in digital marketing by making sure your content gets discovered.


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