Top Mistakes You Are Making in eCommerce Marketing




There are a lot of e-commerce marketing strategies which are proven to be prolific and successful. However, despite the popularity and success of this industry, there are still online marketers who miss the opportunity for a new account or campaign.

E-commerce stores are huge and popular these days. Check out some of the errors committed by marketers and what to do to deal with it accordingly


There is absence of proper branding in Google Shopping


If you have a popular brand with huge volume of visits, you have a strong online presence though you have to make sure that you segment the campaigns so you are not overpaying for it. For this to be done, you have to duplicate your shopping campaigns and label one as “brand” and the other one as “non-brand”. You have to choose low priority of the brand campaign. Once you have given your brand campaign better and higher bid, you will surely maximize impression share. Eventually, your brand will capitalize on traffic.


Marketers NOT putting much effort in segmenting your audience for (RLSA)


It is a widely popular practice among marketers that they only concentrate in segmenting their audience who visit their sites along with those users who fill up their carts and will even convert into a sale, it is true that you definitely should determine which among your audience have the highest intent into making a purchase. However you just have to make sure that you have a strong strategic approach in advancing your market through audience segmentation techniques. You can build a loyal audience list in reference to what these site users visit and which items they are interested in. Once you have done segmenting the audience, you should take a look into building new campaigns or modifying existing bid. Just let Google collect data and show how your audience react. Then, you can apply for bid modifiers where it is needed.



Failing to consider other shopping online platforms 



Although Bing and Google shopping are the major players in the e-commerce industry and search engine, they are not the only ones who are readily available. It is very important that you capitalize on other shopping platforms, which are collectively the most effective tool in for e-commerce marketers. Even though these comparison search engines have the advantage in terms of search volume, they still contribute to incremental buys usually with lower competitive CPCs that has the possibility of efficient and the return of investment.


Product Ads

When you rely too much on dynamic product ads (Google Display Network or Facebook), you are one of the many marketers who is guilty of such e-commerce error. Although, these ads are really efficient in nudging your audience about items you offer and let them make a purchase. Through Facebook, standards ad will better speak to your clientele which allows you to test various messages and creative regarding value pros and themes. Furthermore, you can test how your incentive and discount offers as well as free shipping deals may increase conversions into sales.

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