How Likes and Links Can Make A Difference In Your Digital Marketing Campaign?


Who knows that the like button can make a difference in your marketing campaign? If you are ever wondering how you want more links, why not try to rake in a lot of likes from your audience.

Link building is really an interesting part of digital marketing. People might find it annoying that it is “mere building relationship with your audience”. You may roll your eyes in dismay over these cliché sounding “relationship building” thing about link building. However, it is truly all about it. If you cannot make a web page master to like you and what you have in store for them, you are not going to earn those links anyway!

  1. Learn the trade of negotiating. However, if rejection comes in after several attempts, learn to let go. Refrain from exhausting your efforts about something that is not working. If the web page owner says no to your offer, recognize it and move on. Sometimes we really do push a little further; however, there are webmasters who think it will never be a good fit. Thus, they will refuse you time and again.
  2. Reach out and initiate an interaction. However, if there are no details on the page regarding their contacts, it is time to leave them alone. If there is no contact information or details on the site, perhaps they want to stir away from being contacted. If you cannot find any contact detail on the site, just refrain from contacting them.
  3. Never harass people by pushing too far. When you have responded to you that they do not want to be bothered, you have to respect that. Avoid unnecessary contacts and refrain from sending them emails to their personal account, Facebook or Twitter. It is pretty annoying though that you deal with these kinds of individuals. Your prospect for a link feels just like how you feel.
  4. If you have seen something that does not fit, you should stay away from it. You can rely on your gut instinct. Even if the metric are awesome and promising, yet you feel there is something missing, that is a good web page to work with. Perhaps, you can check into how well their contents are written and if there are any outbound links.
  5. Do not make an assumption based on what you can see. Just because the site looks good, it should be a good fit for you, it may not help you rake in traffic and achieve rankings.
  6. If people seem to reject you, accept it and move on to the next web page. Do not take it personally. You do not have to lick wounds and negotiate or ask them what you did wrong.

As a conclusion, link building is more than just creating and building relationships. However, you still cannot deny the significance of building relationships in order to earn a link. It is a critical part of the intricate and multifaceted process.

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