YouTube is a great source for driving traffic to your website, thanks to the more than one billion visitors who visit the site and the fact that it is the third most popular website worldwide. YouTube reaches more adult viewers aged 18-34 than any other television station worldwide and is the 2nd most popular search engine after Google. However, getting noticed on YouTube can be difficult due to the sheer amount of content that is uploaded onto the site on a daily basis. Competing with established You Tubers, celebrities and other people looking for view can prove discouraging, causing many people to give up before they start reaping the benefits of this all important media. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to improve your chances of driving more traffic to your site and begin enjoying the advantages of using this global video channel. Below are ten ways you can get more people to watch your videos and ultimately click through to your website:


1. Long descriptions

Long descriptions of at least 200 words will allow YouTube algorithms to pick your video out of the hundreds of thousands or even millions of others dealing with the same topic. Long descriptions will allow you to insert a good number of keywords so that YouTube is able to rank your video better and push it to the top of the search results.


2. Engaging content

This one sounds obvious but it is one of the key factors in determining how many views you get. Engaging, relevant and to the point contact will get you the views you want.


3. Regular content

Another trick to getting more views is to upload fresh content on a regular basis. People who have enjoyed your content in the past will keep coming back to check if there is something new.


4. Subscriptions and likes

People who enjoy your content are more likely to subscribe so that they can stay updated when you upload new content. Ask your viewers to like and subscribe to your content and you should see the numbers go up in no time.


5. Optimise video titles

Ensure that your video titles are optimised by using the keywords in the titles, making them as brief as possible, making the titles descriptive and making the titles as engaging as possible.


6. Target online communities

Share your videos on online communities with a lot of members in order to increase traffic for your YouTube Videos.


7. Channel customizations

YouTube provides you with customization options to present your videos in the best way possible. Whether you wish to make your videos look more professional, improve your brand’s recognisability or simply stand out from other similar users, YouTube has something for you.


8. Keyword rich playlists

Organise your content into keyword rich playlists that will help viewers easily find what they are looking for and ultimately get you the views you want.


9. Engaging trailers

The first few seconds of your video will capture your audience or lose them. It is therefore important to ensure that the trailer is as engaging as possible.


10. Keep videos under 5 minutes

Limit your content to just under five minutes when just starting out and ensure that it is engaging and to the point. Getting more YouTube videos is simple if you follow a few simple strategies. By sticking to tried and tested methods, you should be able to grow your video traffic in no time.


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