3 Key Tips to Build Your SEO Strategy in 2017


The past several years have seen crucial changes to the way SEO affects ranking on SERPs thanks to factors like Google’s algorithm changes. As a result, spun content, emphasis on keyword density and other SEO strategies have taken a major hit. However, several things remained constant as search engines developed algorithms to ensure that users get quality results by rewarding websites that adhere to guidelines with high rankings. Studies of over 200 Google ranking factors by software companies Moz and Searchmetrics revealed the following three to be the most crucial in achieving top ranking in SERPs.

  • Building a large volume of quality backlinks.
  • SEO focused anchor text.
  • Using relevant and reputable external links.

Anyone looking to rank favourably on SERPs should definitely consider incorporating the factors mentioned above into their 2017 SEO strategy.

Quality Backlinks

The number of inbound links to your website is an indication of the popularity of your site. Google and other search engines are increasingly using backlinks as criteria for ranking. The more people click through to your site from other parts of the web, the higher your ranking will be thanks to new Google algorithms that prioritize links over other ranking factors. Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy 2017 should therefore focus on building quality backlinks, especially from sites whose content is similar to your own.

SEO focus anchor text

Anchor text continues to be an important part of SEO, and plays an especially important role in helping search engines determine the relevance of your backlinks. Using the wrong anchor text can get you penalized for spamming, while the right anchor text will ensure that you get high rankings on search results. You can optimize your anchor text by understanding the different types of anchors in use, distributing them wisely, avoiding linking to spammy sites and keeping your anchor texts relevant.

Using relevant external links

External links work hand in hand with useful and relevant content. By linking out to credible sites, you help to establish the reputation of your own, and actually influence visitors to return and find out what other reputable websites they can discover on your site. The success to ensuring successful external linking is to follow a few simple rules such as only linking out to sites that offer real benefits to your audience, is relevant to the content you offer and is not spammy in nature.

Quality Link building will continue to be an important SEO strategy in 2017, helping websites rank favourably on SERPs and getting you the audience you need to keep your website going.

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