10 Ways To Make Your Content Go Viral in 2017

Content Marketing Going Viral

Viral content is a great way to reach large numbers of people and drive more traffic to your site. Viral content simply refers to the type of content that people are more likely to share with others, similar to word of mouth marketing. Viral content creates almost instant awareness of your website, product or service, helps you to capture your target audience’s attention faster, and allows you to convert them into subscribers or customers for your business quickly. Making content go viral can be challenging but by following a few simple steps, you should be able to make your content reach your targeted audience quickly and easily. Below are 10 steps you can use to make your content go viral in 2017:

1. Attention grabbing headlines

With so many internet users’ attention spans lasting only seconds before they click away from content that does not wow them, using attention grabbing headlines is the most effective way to get them to read your content and share widely. Concentrate on numbered headlines and use content tools that help you to create shareable headlines such as BuzzSumo

2. Make extensive use of lists

Lists continue to be extremely popular, especially if they contain content that many people can relate to. Use them extensively to attract your website.

3. Aesthetically pleasing posts

Beauty continues to be a major crowd pleaser as far as viral content is concerned, especially if it deals with scenic environments, travel, gardening and other topics dealing with nature.

4. Appealing visuals

High quality images will appeal to everyone across the board, so it is worth investing in beautiful and unusual images that will bring your message across properly and prompt people to share your content.

5. Informative posts

Research based posts providing information on popular topics such as health, beauty, longevity, travel and others are more likely to be shared than empty content that does not supply the information needed.

6. Quizzes

Using quizzes is another way to make your content go viral. Ensure your quizzes are fun, easy to take and provide accurate results if you want people to share them widely.

7. How to content

Content that shows people how to do things or make their lives easier tends to be shared more.

8. Promoted content

Paying for targeted ads on social media sites like Facebook is another great way to ensure that your content goes viral and brings the traffic you need to your website.

9. Use influencers

People who influence others opinions such as celebrities and others are a great resource in helping your content go viral. Ensure to inform them every time you want to share content and ask them to share widely in order to achieve the results you want.

10. The element of surprise

Avoid overused headlines and topics and strive to come up with content that is completely unique, in order to grab people’s attention and prompt them to share your content.

Creating viral content while challenging, is not entirely impossible. Using a few effective strategies, you can create content that appeals to the vast majority of people, and get them to share it widely across their networks.

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