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Content marketing, the creation and sharing of relevant, consistent and valuable content is becoming an increasingly popular marketing strategy, and an important way for website owners to drive traffic to their sites. With the majority of consumers conducting research online before committing themselves to purchase a product or service, content marketing is becoming increasingly crucial in influencing buyer decisions. Further, with search engines now rewarding sites with better rankings for quality and relevant quality, content marketers have to find ways to ensure that their websites have freshly updated and valuable quality to ensure that they rank highly on SERPs. However, with so much content created on a daily basis, it is important to make yours stand out so that you get the search engine rankings you want. Below are 7 ways to boost your content marketing in 2017, get great rankings and attract the kind of traffic you need to keep your business viable:

1. Bring People Together

People are increasingly finding themselves isolated behind computer screens and lacking in interpersonal interaction. Creating content that attracts the right users is great but if you want to create loyal visitors to your site, consider launching events where your site visitors can meet with you and interact with others for an even better experience.

2. Storytelling is Key

Human beings respond better to content that is presented in a way they can relate with. This is where stories come in and you will find that your content marketing efforts will yield better results if you hire a team of storytellers that is able to tell the story of your brand in a way that attracts and engages visitors to your site.

3. Become a Content Authority

Visitors looking for a certain type of information will usually revisit a reputable site multiple times to get what they need. Conducting research and publishing results will usually set you apart as an authority on a certain subject and keep driving the type of traffic you need to your website.

4. Promote your Content

Give your best content a boost by promoting it via paid media in order to reach even greater numbers of people.

5. Quality over Quantity

Filling your webpage with a lot of irrelevant content is unlikely to improve your content marketing efforts. Instead, concentrate on providing valuable content, preferably from cited sources or well known contributors in order to drive traffic to your site.

6. Purposeful Content

The type of content you have on your site should reflect your organisation’s purpose and reason so that everyone can easily understand exactly what it is that you are trying to get across about your brand.

7. Test your Content

Conduct tests to find out which content is consistently driving traffic to your website, and concentrate your efforts on providing this type of content on a regular basis.

Content marketing will continue to be an important part of many people and organization’s marketing mix in 2017. By following a few simple strategies, you should be able to vastly improve your efforts and get the results you want quickly and efficiently.

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