How to Grow your Website Traffic in 2017

Visitors Visitors Visitors! Traffic! Traffic Traffic! This is what every business and website needs in order to stand out, become profitable and beat their industry competition. The Top 3 Search Engines continue to evolve, innovate new technology with search algorithms that continue to become more sophisticated in learning machine language, The NEW Online Digital Revolution into the future is already being developed as I keyboard this BLOG!

The next 10 years we should see growth in the NEW Tech of Virtual Reality (VR) Technology to Augmented Reality (AU). This is a where the future of leading search engines should also follow.

So you must be thinking now? What’s this got to do with the topic of growing traffic in 2017.

ANSWER: To market your business and become a successful brand starting this year, this is the best time for you to think forward into the future of your business.“THINKING AHEAD” will inspire you to innovate new ideas to marketing to dominate your industry.
Now let’s dive into some key factors you can use in 2017 to grow traffic for your website:


Google has shifted into “Mobile Indexing”. Which means, Google is now favouring the search results that appear on your mobile as your desktop search results. One important keynote should be to ensure you get a mobile friendly website that is fully optimised for mobile. Take the Google Mobile Friendly Test to check if your website is considered Mobile friendly.

According to, by 2017, more than a third of the world population should own a smartphone. Almost 2.6 billion of the earth’s population, this really is a key measure for your website as most visitors search from a mobile device for products and services.
Number of Smartphone Users worldwide from 2014 to 2020 (in billions)

Image Credit:

Vin Moorjani


As Google continues to evolve their systems and algorithms continue to become highly sophisticated, this means that you must be original in your marketing and promotion efforts, do not copy or buy sponsored links from providers who will potentially try to sell you their links that can potentially cause your site to be penalised and removed from the search engine. Use genuine helpful information that represents your business branding. Work on quality, offering valuable high quality content to your audience and your business will start seeing results online.


Have you ever heard about Content being the King! Well it’s seriously true as we all search the internet to find valuable quality information in a few seconds. A key focus you can implement to really boost your digital marketing success online in 2017 is to focus on producing ongoing quality content to help attract visitors to your website. You must offer valuable information about your industry products and services within your content, for example;if you are a real estate industry you can write a content article on “10 Tips to finding the best real estate agent”.

Writing informative quality and helpful content for your audience will enable them to see you as a trust able provider of your brand, this will increase your chances for your visitors to turn into your next potential customers.


If you have a fancy website that has too many images or not enough relevant information, most visitors will leave your site and go to the next one, To improve your chances to generate leads from your website, I suggest you to implement a couple of these simple tips below to your website:

(a) PHONE NUMBER – Have you ever visited a site that has no phone number or email address, how frustrating does that become for you? Solve this problem for someone else and have your contact number and email displayed throughout your website this is usually towards the top on every page but depending on a good website design this can be altered.

(b) ENQUIRY FORM – Another way you can generate leads quickly is to implement an enquiry form on your website. I would suggest you to ask your web developer to place the enquiry form where it can easily seen by your visitors, this is generally on the main homepage, top section of your website, This is the area a visitor will see first when your website is displayed.

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